Monday, September 15, 2008

p.shitty WAS right..


i am so fuckin' irritated. what the FUCK is up with niggas actin' like muthafuckin' BITCHES?!! these fools walk around actin' like they hard and shit but the minute you say something that they don't like, even as a JOKE, they start cryin' like a bitch. and when i say "say something they don't like" i'm talkin' about tellin' them they ugly and some shit. you know, TRIVIAL shit. i ain't said shit about yo' momma or nothing. like who the fuck really cares if you look pretty or not when you wake up, or how your body is so big and buff it makes your head look like a pea, or whether or not those basketball shorts make your ass look fat. do you REALLY need my approval that bad?

and why the fuck do niggas play GAMES like bitches do?!! i mean, really.. how mature is it to:

1. berate someone cuz they pissed you off and then
2. delete their phone number/delete them off your friends list on facebook or myspace/burn the sheets they used to lay on/etc and then
3. find their number again/add them to your friends list on facebook or myspace/buy the same sheets you burned/etc and contact them again out of the blue and act like you're normal and done trippin' and then
4. berate them again cuz they said something to piss you off?

are you OBSESSED? CRAZY? PATHETIC? all of the above?

keep it movin' with your unstable emotional ass. and if i were you, i'd look down once a month and check to make sure my nuts ain't bleeding. sensitive ass bitch.