Monday, December 08, 2008


am i getting any better at updating? i've already gotten people up my ass about updating.. sorry, ya'll!

anyway, thankfully i got tagged by T.Michelle to do a "7 random/weird facts about yourself" list.. which i'll gladly do cuz it gives me something to write about, even tho this means i may be outing myself as some sort of freak. so here goes..

1. i hate, hate, haaaaate backless stairs [like these below]
ever since i was little, i had this ridiculous fear that i'd trip and fall thru the steps, splatter across the floor, and die a horrible death. and it doesn't help that i'm afraid of heights and get lightheaded if i was to look down, which would be the reason why i'd lose my balance on these stairs and fall off and die. and even worse - these stairs often times come with those flimsy rails that have bars that are like, 3 feet apart from each other. if i don't fall thru the steps, i'll fall thru those rails. whoever thought up of and designed these type of stairs need to be shoved thru those steps.

2. when i have multiple programs/windows open on my desktop, i have to have them in a specific order [especially at work] on my taskbar. and if one program has a spasm and crashes, unless it's the last window open, i have to shut down all my open programs/windows and reopen them.. in that specific order i have to have them in. it's sort of like how i have to have files named uniformly on my computer. and how i set the volume on my TV, radio, computer, etc to multiples of 5 [if the volume option comes up as a numeric number]. and how i hate to get my hands dirty so much so that if i must eat food with my hands, my thumbs and index fingers are the only two fingers that will touch the food. yup.. those are most of my quirks.

3. i don't like talking when i'm in the car. this goes for both as a driver and as a passenger. for me, car rides are a time for me to zone out. i like to just listen to music and let my mind wander.. i don't need to have some muthafucka all up in my ear yappin' about this shit or that shit, or how their day was, or whatever life-or-death situation they were in that day, etc.. it irritates me, okay? sometimes it bugs me so damn much, especially if the person is talking so goddamn much that i can't tune them out no matter how hard i try, that i will cut the him/her off in the middle of his/her sentence and tell them to shut the fuck up, which ends up making me look like superbitch. usually i'll apologize once we get out of the car tho. oh, and lemme mention that if i'm a passenger in a car going somewhere that takes more than 20 minutes, i will most likely fall asleep.. regardless of the time of day or whether or not i'm even tired.

4. i am a neat-freak. i can't stand a mess. i can't stand shit being unorganized. i am very OCD about my living area and it drives me INSANE when someone tries to re-organize my stuff. i can't stand dirty dishes in the sink or the trash not being taken out.. it bothers me without me even needing to see it. just knowing it's sitting there bothers me enough for me to get up [even if i'm sick in bed] and clean it up.

5. i believe that animals/rodents/bugs/insects have a world just like humans do - complete with their own 10 o'clock news. so every time i see a dead squirrel or animal in the street, i imagine that somewhere, their loved ones are out looking for them, wondering where they are, and that when their bodies are found, they end up on their news as another sad reminder to "not cross the street in busy traffic."

6. when i was about 11 years old, i came up with this brilliant idea to sell flowers to my neighbors to make money to "go to europe." i would pick flowers from our yard and our neighbors' yards, and go door-to-door with my friend selling them at 25 cents each. one day, my friend [who was asian] and i went to this one white woman's house a few streets down from ours, and tried to sell her flowers. she rudely declined and slammed the door in our face. as we were walking down her driveway, i saw a really pretty rose and decided to cut it off its stem and sell it. as soon as my scissors went snip, this evil bitch stormed out of her house and started berating us in front of all her neighbors on her street for picking her flower [like that shit don't grow back]. this broad was watching us from inside her house to make sure we got off her property.. and to this day, i still believe it's because we weren't white kids. anyway, she was so beyond pissed.. i was waiting for her eyes to pop out her head and for her to have a damn breakdown over her stupid ass flower. she ended up calling both our parents to snitch on us, and they had to come pick us up to escort us home like we were criminals. if that bitch is still around when i have kids, i'mma dump their shit on her lawn.

7. i have the hardest time correctly pronouncing the word "cal," which is ironic considering i attended uc berkeley. if i don't say it slowly [like i'm about to say the word "california" but stop after the first syllable], with a lot of effort and thought [thus sounding like a retard], it ends up sounding like "kel." somewhere, oski the bear is hanging his head in shame.

now i think i was supposed to tag 7 people.. but i don't even know that many people on here [sob]! and since i don't follow rules anyway, i will tag:

OH, and i was gonna steal t.michelle's other blog about shit that pisses me off.. thought i'd have more time to do that, but i gotta study for my GMAT's.. so that's gonna have to wait for my next post!