Saturday, May 16, 2009

hella random..

but i just seen bay bay bay from real chance at love [that's the name of the show right?] at the mall buying fake eyelashes. hahahaa.. that girl is HELLA tiny in real life.. i thought she'd be some tall bitch. but she is prettier in real life. i wasn't sure if it was her [now realize it was her cuz i seen her tattoo on her wrist] and i didn't wanna bother her while she was buying her eyelashes.. but damn i wish i said something. i just want to ask her.. "what the fuck were you thinking going on that show for that dude?!!" let's be honest, real looks like a horse with some pretty ass hair. she should have at least held out for that ray j show, ha.

oh yeah.. i'mma be in LA this memorial day weekend! yeeee.. can't wait to go home! i miss my mommy and daddy. HOLLAAA!