Wednesday, July 23, 2008

man.. what the fuck kinda weed was that..

this past weekend, trey and his frat bruhs had a BBQ in oakland. he had invited me so i rolled thru with a couple of my girls. tell me why the muthafucka from my last blog was at the BBQ, too?!! i mean.. what the fuck! damn, yo.. does this fool need to be up at every single goddamn BBQ in the bay?!! seriously, i think he just follows his nose and shows up to eat! i'm still amazed he can know so many college-educated people, many of which he claims he is tight with, yet he is so dumb himself. and of course, dude seen me at the BBQ and first thing he said to me was, "aye, ma.. didn't i tell you i'd find ya?" oh, LORD.. here comes the crazy. i was just like, yeah, whatever.. please get up outta my face. then he went on to tell me how hurt he is that i don't return his phone calls, or texts, and how i'm hella cold and insensitive to his feelings.. blah blah muthafuckin' BLAH. forreals?!! DUDE IS SUCH A WOMAN!!! i don't give a damn about your feelings, man.. SHIT! he really just does not get it. thank god he had to leave the BBQ early for whatever reason.. but 30 minutes after he left, he was already blowin' up my phone again and sent me a text saying "even tho you mean as hell for ignoring me, you still looked beautiful, ma. and i like it!" uhhh.. moving on.

quick background info on trey for those of ya'll who don't already know the story. he and i were in this trainwreck of a relationship about 4-5 years ago. damn, has it been that long? yup.. junior/senior years of college. anyway.. it was a mess.. and we just started talking on the regular again maybe in late 2007? we started kickin' it again a couple months ago. a lot has changed with us.. we can actually be in the same room together for more than 10 minutes without fighting. PROGRESS! haha. but forreals, a lot can change in 4-5 years.. we've both been in other relationships, we've both graduated from college, and we both grew the fuck up. he is still the one guy who can still give me butterflies after all this time, and after all the shit we been thru with each other. so after the BBQ, my girls and i went back to one of his frat bruh's house with him to help clean up. we finished up some drank and then smoked [and since i've been outta school, my tolerance has gone to SHIT and i haven't smoked in a year] and watched step it up 2. afterwards, trey and i went back to his place and just talked. he told me about his recent trip to atlanta and then we talked about ryan.. and after talking to trey about it, i think it just re-affirmed to myself that i made the right decision. i realized i definitely was not in love with ryan.. i love him, that's real.. but wasn't in love. trey definitely helped me realize that. how funny. anyway, i did end up spending the night at his place.. and man, i dunno what the fuck it was, if it was the weed or what we did.. but i woke up feeling like everything was clear as hell to me and feeling more confused than ever.. all at the same time. sorry, kat, i know you're probably shaking your head in disappointment at me right now :( haha.

yeah, i definitely need to focus on new players on my roster.. but i can't help but recycle my MVP.. siiigh.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

you did NOT make it on my team.. in fact, you need to get outta my damn ARENA!

yes, it's 4 pm on a thursday and my ass is AT HOME! YAY for short work days! as soon as we got the OK from the boss to leave early, my ass was out the door. i was planning on using my extra hours of freedom to go do some shopping and get a mani/pedi.. but it is so freakin' HOT that by the time i got back to my apartment, i didn't wanna leave. haha.

so since i'm single now, i'm really enjoying my freedom. i love being single. i don't really think i'm that great at relationships. i don't like having someone to answer to, i don't like having to worry about someone else, and i don't do the romance mushy shit. but i do enjoy being showered with attention, and tho i'm too damn lazy [and busy] to do the whole dating thing, i have been meeting guys and the ones who make the cut, i've added to my roster. the others.. well, they just don't need to be interacting with other humans.

a couple weekends ago, i went to this BBQ with my old college roomies. there was this one guy there.. tall, dark, pretty cute.. plus he had a nice, round, plump, perky BOOTY! mmm mmm MMM!! anyway, he seemed cool, so we exchanged phone numbers. i quickly realized after talking to him that i needed to mark a big fat "HELLLLL NO!!!" on his forehead and send his ass back to where he came from.

STRIKE 1 [after i tell him about my job]:
him: oh, so you like have to go to school for that, huh?
me: yeah.
him: so where do you go?
me: i actually already graduated.
him: from where?
me: uc berkeley
him: oh wow, ma. that's like a really good school, isn't it? isn't it 4 years?
me: um, yeah.
him: so you smart, ma! that's wassup.
me: yeah. what about you?
him: oh, naw.. school and me don't mix. shiiit, i hardly made it thru the 4 years of HIGH SCHOOL, and niggas out there tryna go back for another 4 years?!! ya'll TRIPPIN'! i mean, i got respect for those who go to college and shit, but naw.. it ain't for me.

STRIKE 2.. and 3, and 4.. [talking about our past relationships]:
him: it's hard for me to start up something new with a female cuz my baby momma crazy. she one of them crazy girls who don't want nobody else to have me, ya feel me?
me: okay.
him: me and her got into it a few months ago.. so of course since i'm the man, i got arrested for assault and battery. and then the bitch took a restraining order out on me and i can't see my daughter!
me: ........

so on top of not believing in higher education, this dude has a child, has a restraining order against him, and refers to his ex as "bitch." [as much as i love that word and the fact that that word comes out my mouth like verbal diarrhea, i don't like it when a guy refers to a female by that term] and he calls me "ma" every 3 minutes. ughhh.. NO GROWN ASS MAN NEEDS TO BE CALLIN' ME "MA" unless i'm 60 years old and once pushed you outta my vajayjay!!!! of course, i've since decided that this fool does not deserve any of my anytime minutes.. 39214783175 roll-over minutes included! the last time we talked, i actually hung up on him in the middle of a conversation [even at&t drops calls once in a while!]. so he's been callin' and callin' and textin' and leaving me messages like, "aye, ma.. what's good.. just thinkin' of yo' sexy self.. hit me back! don't make me have to find you [evil chuckle]!" a restraining order? against YOU? noooo.. i can't imagine.

what a waste of a nice, perky ass. damn shame.