Thursday, July 03, 2008

you did NOT make it on my team.. in fact, you need to get outta my damn ARENA!

yes, it's 4 pm on a thursday and my ass is AT HOME! YAY for short work days! as soon as we got the OK from the boss to leave early, my ass was out the door. i was planning on using my extra hours of freedom to go do some shopping and get a mani/pedi.. but it is so freakin' HOT that by the time i got back to my apartment, i didn't wanna leave. haha.

so since i'm single now, i'm really enjoying my freedom. i love being single. i don't really think i'm that great at relationships. i don't like having someone to answer to, i don't like having to worry about someone else, and i don't do the romance mushy shit. but i do enjoy being showered with attention, and tho i'm too damn lazy [and busy] to do the whole dating thing, i have been meeting guys and the ones who make the cut, i've added to my roster. the others.. well, they just don't need to be interacting with other humans.

a couple weekends ago, i went to this BBQ with my old college roomies. there was this one guy there.. tall, dark, pretty cute.. plus he had a nice, round, plump, perky BOOTY! mmm mmm MMM!! anyway, he seemed cool, so we exchanged phone numbers. i quickly realized after talking to him that i needed to mark a big fat "HELLLLL NO!!!" on his forehead and send his ass back to where he came from.

STRIKE 1 [after i tell him about my job]:
him: oh, so you like have to go to school for that, huh?
me: yeah.
him: so where do you go?
me: i actually already graduated.
him: from where?
me: uc berkeley
him: oh wow, ma. that's like a really good school, isn't it? isn't it 4 years?
me: um, yeah.
him: so you smart, ma! that's wassup.
me: yeah. what about you?
him: oh, naw.. school and me don't mix. shiiit, i hardly made it thru the 4 years of HIGH SCHOOL, and niggas out there tryna go back for another 4 years?!! ya'll TRIPPIN'! i mean, i got respect for those who go to college and shit, but naw.. it ain't for me.

STRIKE 2.. and 3, and 4.. [talking about our past relationships]:
him: it's hard for me to start up something new with a female cuz my baby momma crazy. she one of them crazy girls who don't want nobody else to have me, ya feel me?
me: okay.
him: me and her got into it a few months ago.. so of course since i'm the man, i got arrested for assault and battery. and then the bitch took a restraining order out on me and i can't see my daughter!
me: ........

so on top of not believing in higher education, this dude has a child, has a restraining order against him, and refers to his ex as "bitch." [as much as i love that word and the fact that that word comes out my mouth like verbal diarrhea, i don't like it when a guy refers to a female by that term] and he calls me "ma" every 3 minutes. ughhh.. NO GROWN ASS MAN NEEDS TO BE CALLIN' ME "MA" unless i'm 60 years old and once pushed you outta my vajayjay!!!! of course, i've since decided that this fool does not deserve any of my anytime minutes.. 39214783175 roll-over minutes included! the last time we talked, i actually hung up on him in the middle of a conversation [even at&t drops calls once in a while!]. so he's been callin' and callin' and textin' and leaving me messages like, "aye, ma.. what's good.. just thinkin' of yo' sexy self.. hit me back! don't make me have to find you [evil chuckle]!" a restraining order? against YOU? noooo.. i can't imagine.

what a waste of a nice, perky ass. damn shame.


dessex said...

I know its sad...but it seems like thats the prototype for black males, uneducated with a record...damn shame. lol for you hanging up in the middle of the conversation....

by the way I"m going to add u to the blog roll

arychtexas said...

LOL..........LOL....WHEW *WHIPING THE TEARS* lol........... wow he was a HOT MESS!!!

Miss Foxxy said...

@ dessex - you right about the prototype for black males.. and what's worse is that it seems many not only DON'T wanna change that stereotype about black men being uneducated, but they can't even seem to understand WHY someone else would. and since you mentioned blog roll.. i FINALLY messed around w/ this thing and figured out how to add that to my page, too.. so i've added you, too :)

@ arychtexas - and it's a shame he doesn't know he's a mess! lol.. he sounded very proud of himself and his dirty laundry, hahaaa.

Eb the Celeb said...

ooohh laawwwd girlie... run fast and in a hurry...

yeah a waste of a perfectly good football booty.. thats what i call them

Melody.Darlene said...

aaaaaaaaaahahahahah!!! too many damn red flags!! lmao!! at least he has a hs diploma... right? lol

and you DO NOT need to be messin with a doode with a psycho ex!! i dealt with that with my last relationship! the bitch broke through the window @ doodes house with her heel and tried to fight me!! like damn are we still in HS?? dont u know that we are GROWN and you WILL catch a case!! hahahah! but dont get me wrong, we got down!!! muahahahahahah! needless to say, i cut him off QUICK!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well i will tost to u on being single

its a good feel, least for me
more time for store for dogs
too bad u aint in the a
we could beverage and laugh at folk together
b safe jones

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ps rolled u folk hope u dont mind

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Just passing through didnt want to read without making my presence known, the anger management post was hilarious....oh and the man whose girlfriend is jimena....I'll add you if you add me : ) no but hope to hear more from you this was entertaining, hopefully someone will say the same about my blog..eventually

One Eighteen said...

hahaha!!! hell naw!!! ima add your ass to my blogroll, is that cool???


One Eighteen said...

ah i know all about the jitters. i had two of them shits today. i feel good though. and yea im about to add you right now. best believe ima keep comin back over here. as long as you keep puttin up funny shit like that lame ass nigga that beats his wife and thinks youre his mama


Teana said...

LOL. oh man, i wouldn't even know how to respond to a mess like that!

FlyyGurl said...

and I thought I was the only one that loved a man wit some backs!! lmao and not that bitch! What would he have said if called his mama one? see....lmao!

The Black Kat said...

you're lucky i remembered my password for this joint. grrrr...

anyhoo... i'm back from my vacay in NC. had the most relaxing time i've had in a loooonnnnggg time. was gonna comment earlier but... was just too beat to comment. *smh* but... okay. i'm a lil' disheartened about R now being out of the picture. and wtheck is this i read about more to come on trey in the the previous post? girl... if you don't pick up the phone and CALL me, we are going to have to fight! bump a blog.

but uh... this dude's whole convo was W.A.C.K.! now... i'm not one to just straight cut a brotha off the squad for not having a degree, but dayum it, know how to hustle or aspire to reach whatever goal it is that you've set for yourself. if you don't have any goals, then THAT'S a problem. and on top of the seemingly non-aspirations, he was using all the slang b.s. -ir. "so you smart, ma? that's wassup?" "that's like a really good school. isn't it a 4year school?" i won't even touch the baby's momma drama. no ma'am! negro bye! and lol @ don't make me have to find you... just wow.

The Black Kat said...

that should read: all the slang b.s. -ie. vs. -ir.

One Eighteen said...

somebody needs to update!!!


Jadore.Tokeyo said...

LOL at you pregnant pause!!!
he must not know...things like just don't say when you meet

LD said...

he's special. wow.



Ms. Foxxy,

LOL you truly met a character. Now if he was saying that he a sucessful business man that decided to drop out of school and that risk paid off for him fine, but he sounds like a LAZY azz mess.

Girl I wish we could trade places, I wish i wasn't so mushy and needed, I don't like being free sometimes because I am afraid what I might do, like a letting one of Vicks dogs loose you don't know what may happen LOL, but seriously embrace your singlehood and enjoy life and you are wise beyond your years, so many women over look HINTS, just to have a piece of a sad.

T. Michelle Theus said...

"i hardly made it thru the 4 years of HIGH SCHOOL, and niggas out there tryna go back for another 4 years?!! ya'll TRIPPIN'!

LOL...that's what killed it for me! Girl, he's a mess. Reminds me of the crazy guy I met at the grocery store recently. I'mma have to write about that one day. lol

Anyways, Aki I told you I'd let you know when I was blogging again. This is my blogspot blog. I also have one at

Talk to you later, girlie.

Melody.Darlene said...

girrrrrrl u said "smart ass?"! lololol! at first i was like who? but then i figured out who you were talkin about!! hahahah!

but naw i wasnt talkin about mr. greene! he's been boo'd up!! lol! but he is still tha homie though! i talk to him from time to time.

ps. update much??!! hahahah! write woman!