Wednesday, August 13, 2008

party in my wheelchair!

so after numerous threats from certain people *couKATgh*.. and requests for updates from others, i'm updating. geez. i actually shouldn't have updated this soon.. should've made ya ass wait.. but i don't have shit else to do right now anyway. haha.

really haven't done much this past week. just working my ass off cuz we're getting into our "busy season" at work right now. OH, this past weekend, i ended up going to some bar out in san jose for one of my girl's birthday. what a waste of gas, time, and most importantly, a fly ass outfit. this place was soooo damn weak. this was clearly the place where the baby boomers in the bay get hyphy. i swear, that crowd was so damn old, i was waiting for someone to blurt out, "m-m-mom?!!" into the crowd. plus, the DJ was playin' some old ass songs.. i thought i walked into 2002. so within 3 minutes of arriving, i grabbed one of my girls and we made a beeline to the bar, hoping to drink some fun into our night. i usually just take straight shots so i really don't have a particular drink.. so i ended getting what my girl was getting, which was vodka and cranberry.. and i know it ain't been that long since i went out and drank, and i'm not the expert on mixed drinks since i rather throw back shots, but am i wrong or are you supposed to actually TASTE alcohol in a mixed drink? ughh.. so we grudgingly paid for our cup of cranberry juice.. but whatever, on the bright side, thx to the dude behind the bar with his weak wrist, at least i won't be getting a UTI any time soon.

so i must have stayed at the nursing home - i mean, bar for about 15 mins tops. i was so pissed someone our age would even PICK this spot.. i mean, dude, i know you a year older now and shit.. but that don't mean we gotta party with our parents now! i even tried to enjoy the evening by posting up in the courtyard outside the bar and people-watch, but even the white folks there couldn't entertain me enough. i would have fallen asleep had it not been for ja rule screaming thru the speakers about having a fetish for fuckin' a chick with a skirt on, in the back seat of his yukon. i had had enough. i found the birthday girl, told her i had to get up early to go to church the next morning [sorry, Jesus], and bounced. of course, on my way out, this crusty ol' brutha who had to be in his 50's, passed by me on his way in, stopped and whistled, "daaaamn, lil' lady.. do i KNOW you?" i was like, HELL NAW you don't know me! he starts, "you remind me of someone.. " perhaps your DAUGHTER? cuz you look the same age as my daddy and that ain't cool. oh, yeah.. he finishes his sentence with the ever-so-lame line, ".. my new wife!" umm, NEGATIVE. please keep it movin' with ya balding head, year-old braids [yes, he was balding but braided what hair was left on his head], and ashy knuckles. YUP, i seen it.

since it was still early when i left the bar, i called up trey [since i knew he was in san jose that weekend with some of his frat bruhs] and kicked it with him for a minute. umm, oh yeah, i do have something to say about the whole situation with him.. but it's 11:30 pm [which is past my bedtime] so i'mma go to sleep now. i'll save that post for another day.


One Eighteen said...

so after all that, you skip the good part for another day??? bogus


Marcus said...

Why are you fronting like you don't love ashy knuckles? Clearly, he's the only man that can rub you down and spark a fire! Isn't that what you dream of? Passion and Fire between the sheets? lol

Teana said...

i'm calling shenanigans! that's not fair. you can't skip over the good stuff. who knows when you'll next update!


Urbane_Diva724 said...

"but whatever, on the bright side, thx to the dude behind the bar with his weak wrist, at least i won't be getting a UTI any time soon."

HaHaHa at that line...Girl, UTIs are a BITCH I was born and raised in San Jose and I can honestly say that I don't miss it. Just keeping it real, although the werd on the street is that the clubs are now closing at 3 or sum shyt like that, it still doesn't improve the quality of nightlife there.

Since I like to drink I always make sure I informed the Bartender to make my drink extra strong. Yep, when I drink I'm not trying to sip, Im trynna get tipsy to pissy drunk...depends on th situation.

In regards to the older man with the balding receding cornbraids...ummm BOOOOOOOO!! With his damn ashy knuckles. Old ass negros are real bold now days...*SMDMH*

The Black Kat said...

Yeah... I threatened your azz! *ish... someone had to. Had me clickin' on that page everyDAY to see the same *ish. No ma'am!

And then... you skip out on the juiciest part of the story? *sigh* I'm not gonna complain, I guess... cause at least I didn't have to stroll by this joint w/ another internet drive-by threat. =o)

lol @ the receeding hairline w/ the braids. yeah... some people just don't know how to LET GO of things that should no longer be held onto. =o)

Miss Foxxy said...

118 - hey, you wanted an update.. you got an update.. let's not be picky now.. haha!

marcus - LMAO i ought to slap you for that comment! hahahahaaa! you are a FOOL. oh, and.. umm.. wasn't your deadline LAST weekend? i still don't see it.. hmm..

teana - aww i'm not that bad with the updates am i? hahaha i'm trying!! and what makes ya'll think trey is the "good stuff" of my post? what if all i wanted to say about that was that i enjoy kickin' it with him again? haha.

danie - girl who you tellin'.. UTI's are NO JOKE! and SJ is tryna have a nightlife, but naw.. the only times i've ever had fun at a club/party out there was in college when i'd attend the parties thrown by the black frats. i think i heard something about them stayin' open till 3 to try to keep business.. dunno how that will work. i'm always hearing about some shit happening downtown.. just recently i think they took away toons' liquor license cuz their bartender or bouncer assaulted a club-goer. but sometimes SJ is a nice alternative to the SF clubs.. i guess, lol.

lmao @ you wanting to get pissy drunk.. that's why i take shots.. for the same amount it costs at the club/bar, i get tipsy faster! shit, i'm all for that.

kat - i guess your repeated threats did work.. HAHA.. don't you feel special i updated for you? hahahaa.. speaking of updates, i think you need to update, too.. you KNOW i'm quick on the threats, sis.

LD said...

you're too much lady. nursing home?!



One Eighteen said...

you right you right


arychtexas said...

all you left us hangin! ]

please keep it movin' with ya balding head, year-old braids [yes, he was balding but braided what hair was left on his head], and ashy knuckles. YUP, i seen it.

^^^^^lmto omg that was funny!

Teana said...

well you saw how long it took to get this post! lol. i kid, i kid. and i don't think any of us said anything about the good stuff being about trey but it must be since that's the first name that popped out your mouth. ha!

Melody.Darlene said...

what tha hell?! why are u partying with the elders???!!!

u said "i thought i walked into 2002!!!" aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaah! aint that a damn shame that THAT is old?!! you know if you got ja rule playin like its cute... then there's a problem!

oh and trey?? speak on it girl!

Academic Butterfly said...

You are so wrong for leaving us hanging on the "trey" situation...

Eb the Celeb said...

ol' dudes in the club are the worst

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

stop hating on us old folks folk lol. one day u gone be like me, and little girls gone be in class taking stat 1 and 2 saying "dr. stepehens u not that old, yet still they come to your office trying to flirt and asking u out

dessex said...

I can't stand it when I can't taste the alcohol in a mixed drink. I'm like u...I just order the shit straight up

The Black Kat said...

Um... where is the update on this story?!

T. Michelle Theus said...

LMAO @ you saving trey for the "oh yeah" at the end and leaving us hanging. you ain't right :-p

aye if you're on the myspace or facebook ADD ME. i'm under tmichelletheus