Saturday, November 08, 2008

momma, a lot of shit has changed!

i know.. it's been a minute since i've posted. i been tryna get back into writing on a regular basis, but i swear getting my ass to sit down and write a post is like tryna pluck a dude's eyebrows.. TOUGH!!

so anyway.. a lot of shit done changed since my last post. our country elected OBAMA to lead (yay!), but in one step back, california voted to ban same-sex marriage (boo!). prop 8 is a damn joke. the supporters of prop 8 are a joke, too. i don't buy into a damn thing they talking about.. protect marriage? FROM WHAT? marriage is a fuckin' joke. get at me about it when the divorce rate isn't 50%.. when people aren't cheating on their spouses.. when you stop allowing 18-year-olds to marry.. when you stop allowing people who've only known each other for a muthafuckin' WEEK to marry! and that hoopla about teaching marriage in school.. i'm sorry, but i've gone to school in california my whole life and for some reason, i don't recall for the life of me EVER learning about marriage in school. and i won't even get into the mormon church and the hypocrisy they stand for with their polygamy-lovin' asses.

moving on. mr. bitchassness from my last post has fallen off the face of MY earth - thank the lord! after callin' him out on all his bitchassness, he pouted and stopped talking to me [after complaining that i'm hella mean.. yeah, yeah, tell me something i don't already know]. anyway, i don't know which hole he crawled back into to cry and untangle his nuts from his panties, and i don't give a damn! if i didn't call him out, someone else would have, so whatever.

in other news.. ya'll, your girl is SMITTEN! this dude, let's call him isaac.. i swear, i ain't felt this many butterflies in my tummy since i first met trey. it's ridiculous how fuckin' FINE this brotha is. now i don't typically go for the light-skinned, "pretty" boys [really!], especially those that have hella tattoos [a couple are cool].. but this guy is all of the above. he's what i would consider "pretty".. but still rugged. he's hood.. but educated. he's basically tupac with a college degree. LEMME WIFE HIM UP!!! naw, forreals.. and he works with at-risk kids [aww]. and his body.. mmm.. okay, i'mma stop. anyway, we been kickin' it for about a month now.. i usually i get bored by now, but NO! he is growing on me like crazy.. i am so damn attracted to him, that every time i'm with him, i just wanna hump the shit outta him. but since i'mma lady, i've controlled myself around him.. so far. siiiiigh. i swear it's never been this hard to hold back! and i promise it's not just all physical attraction.. we really do mesh well. he's real kick back and came off as a little shy when we first met [which is what attracted me even more to him].. but hopefully he doesn't turn out to be crazy and deranged. fuck that, even if he is crazy and deranged, i'd still hit, HA! naw, but really.. i do enjoy being with him.. and as confused as i was not that long ago about the situation with me and trey, i think it's safe to say.. isaac could be just what i need to move in a new direction. it's funny how similar the two of them are, yet different at the same time. isaac has all the qualities in trey that i fell for, and the qualities that i wished that trey had [the attentiveness]. but we'll see how it goes.. i'll keep ya'll updated.

besides that, there hasn't been anything else exciting in my life. i'm still studying for my GMATs like crazy. that shit is making my brain hurt. i'm THISCLOSE to sayin' fuck it to grad school. OH, and i'm moving into a new apartment next week and i couldn't be more excited! i'm so tired of this inconsiderate muthafucka that lives below me who sound like he's constantly playing basketball upside down in his apartment. so i'm making it a point to stomp, jump, and run around in my apartment during my last week here. childish, yes. but ya'll should already know by now that i'm not above that kinda shit, haha.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LMBAO at mr bichassedness and glad u back.....and like wise, i can say president of the undited states of america. now the real work begins

dessex said...

where have you been all my The GMAT like the GRE is a bitch. A month of studying...I was like to hell with grad school. But now I wish went

La Donna said...

congrats on the new dude. i hope he's a winner.

and I do believe in the success of marriage :)


Brothers Blog said...

LMAO @ bitchassness' balls tangled in his panties. lol

Basket ball upside down. Damn that's krazy dude must be making some serious noise for you to hear it all the way upstairs.

Melody.Darlene said...


do u not know how much i love ur ass!!??!!!

prop 8... u ALREADY know how i feel about that one!

so isaac!?! he sounds DELICIOUS! girrrrl i LOVE a doode with tats! i swear its my weakness! and educated by the books AND the streets??!! does he have a brother or a friend??!! i mean birds of a feather flock together right??!!!

u said that this new guy is more attentive then trey... so to play devil's advocate, the honey moon stage is always like that! i hate that! shit better not be no false advertisement! lolol!

oooh AND love the new pic hoe cake!!! u look flyer than a G5 in tha sky!

lastly, imma need u to keep up with the updates b/c im tired of just keepin up with tha kardashians ya dig!

Teana said...

finally woman! i've been waiting for your update. don't let the gmat discourage you...i made it through [after wanting to quit - especially after that first failed exam] and i'm loving grad school.

and yay for mixed kids in the white house!

T. Michelle Theus said...

lol...u are so freakin' CREATIVE with your insults! I love it :) lol Good luck with Mr. New Guy :)

The Black Kat said...

Look... if you EVER take this dayum long to post again... Grrr...

Anyhoo, I like the new guy already. Which is saying a lot since I loved the post Trey guy. Dayum shame that as much as I was his freakin' cheerleader, I forgot his dang name! lol... Whatev! I just like the way "Issac" has got you feeling, right now. =o) I feel like this just might end up amounting to a: "sittin' on the toilet smokin' a blunt, naked..." event! (lmao!) I'll wait for the details.

Hang in there on grad school, though.

Miss Foxxy said...

@torrance - yeah i'm excited to see what obama can do.. he got a tough job ahead of him!

@dessex - aww.. yeah i'm at that point right now.. but i know i'mma regret it if i give up. i just figure.. a couple years of mental pain will pay off later on haha

@la donna - giiirl where you been? i do believe in the success of marriage, too.. but i don't believe it should only be limited to a man and woman. and unfortunately, it seems that failures of marriages happen more often than successes :(

@brothers - you have no idea how much noise the dude downstairs makes.. it's ridiculous. i think he's tryna be a rapper or something cuz i hear him bumping beats HELLA loud at 2am.. so much so i can feel the vibrations thru my floor. and it sounds like he's constantly throwing shit against his ceiling.. whatever, he ain't my problem anymore! lol

@mel - i love guys with tats, too, but a few.. but i'm sure i'll get used to isaac's haha. and about the honeymoon stage.. girl you know i know that's how it is in the beginning! but shit, with trey.. we never HAD that stage period, LOL.. so i'm enjoying it now! and i'll keep an eye out on any family members/friends for you ;)

@teana - really? loving it? lol everybody else i know who's in grad school always complain about how tired they are and how tough it is. maybe they just tryna scare me! and yes, YAY for mixed kids in the white house :)

@t.michelle - thanks girl!

@kat - that's cold you forgot ryan's name! lol.. not a very loyal cheerleader! and i'mma need to take a page outta danie's book on that whole sittin' on the toilet smokin' a blunt naked.. HAHAHA.. toooo funny! and speaking of updates.. i think you've passed your deadline, too!

The Black Kat said...

Um... homie, that was a page taken out of MY book; NOT Danie's! Grrr...

R.Y.A.N!! That's it! Lmao! And... You KNOW I was his #1 fan. *sigh*

Miss Foxxy said...

lmao.. oops my bad sis.. i guess i thought it was her cuz i could imagine her doing some shit like that.. then i remembered it WAS you who wrote that.. hahahaa.

T. Michelle Theus said...

fyi: i tagged you in my 12/01/08 post :)