Thursday, May 08, 2008


YUP, that's right.. ya girl is 25 today! damn.. where the hell did the years go. 25 sounds so fuckin' GROWN. ever since i turned 21, i find myself getting all down around my birthday each year.. i don't WANT to be another year older! then i realize.. on my 50th birthday, i'mma WISH i was turning 25! so i might as well suck it up and enjoy it. :) since it's thursday, i can't celebrate my birthday the way i want today.. but i will be this weekend! cuz it's my muthafuckin' birthday every damn day!

dude.. i have GOT to move outta this place as soon as my lease is up. the people who live in this complex are some characters, i tell ya! last night, i was awakened in the middle of the goddamn night by some bitch ass muthafucka standing outside screaming on his phone at his girl, some broad named jimena. all i heard for a good 45 mins was:

guy: why do you always make me look bad in front of your girls? YES, you do! oh my god, jimena, you DO! all the muthafuckin' time!
guy: where the fuck are you right now? see, you're out.. and i'm at home! i'm at home tryna work shit out with you! and your ass is out.
guy: i call your mom because i can never get a hold of you to talk this out! that's why i call your momma! c'mon, jimena.. don't be like that.. no, what? WHAT THE HELL.. cuz i muthafuckin' LOVE yo' ass, girl!
guy: you know what then.. you can come back and get your damn things and get the fuck out!
guy: wait, look.. i'm sorry. why do you treat me like shit all the time? damn, jimena.. why??????

DUDE, i will tell you why your girl jimena don't wanna be with you. cuz you WHINE and CRY like a bitch. fellas.. if ya'll gon' air your dirty laundry in the middle of the night for half of the building to hear, please man up and tell your girl some shit like, "don't worry about it.. i'll have your shit packed and outside the door when you get back!" don't threaten to kick her out and then apologize and ask her why she treats you like animal. forreals, if you gon' act like a bitch, please bitch it out in the privacy of your own damn home.

ughhh.. yes, i am so tired of all the inconsiderate bastards who live in this complex, making noise at all hours of the morning AND night. clearly you don't have a job, but other folks do and we NEED OUR MUTHAFUCKIN' SLEEP! that's why ya'll get the late rent notice on your door each month. tsk, tsk. grown ass folks with 5 kids and a new SUV, but no money to pay the rent. damn shame.

anyway, that's all the "write" i have in me right now.. i'll try to update on a regular basis. i really do need to get back into blogging mode.


jose said...

All this means is that you're gonna blog for few months, then we're gonna have to wait again for another cuss-and-drama-filled post from swtaki. Great post nonetheless. Amusing.

teana said...

lol @ jose. you never know, maybe it'll be different this time!

but that guy...ugh, i see why that girl gets away with what she does. sheesh.

Melody.Darlene said...


u know what that sound is?? thats the sound of this futha-muckah bein whipped by this jimeana chick!! LMAO!!

nothing turns me off more than when a doode acts like a lil bitch for reeeeeeeeeeeals!!

Academic Butterfly said...

LOL.... I would rather have rude neighbors than trifling roommates *sigh*

The Black Kat Perspective said...

Um... dang, Aki... tell'em why you mad! I haven't heard a blog filled w/ this much cussing in a long azz time. Sheesh! However, this story CLEARLY does NOT beat the crackhead sitting in the car story, back in the day. =o) I sent that joint to 1/2 of my friends!! We were rollin'! Anyhoo... I STILL haven't got started yet. *smh* This weekend, tho.

Eb the Celeb said...

Another blogging Taurus... I love it

Happy belated birthday!

Urbane_Diva724 said...

So, Yeah...I just found out you posted a new blog yesterday. First.) Happy 25th Birthday!!! YAY!!!
Second.) Girl, you ain't neva lied about the neighbors and their damn dogs keeping all types of goddamn noise no matter what day or time it is!!
Third.) Yeah, Umm Imma need you to re-read the first couple of blogs regarding Crush Groove. It ain't that much to read!!!

Holla for that dolla!!

LD said...

Lord Aki. You so crazy and I love it.

Happy birthday babe!


Kat said...

Uh... Ms. Thang, while you've been on my tail from here to there about blogging, I KNOW YOU'VE got to do MUCH better than this, as well. It's been 11 days now! No Ma'am!

thehoustongirl said...

Cool blog!! My birthday is May 9! :D